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“Wings” was founded in the form of a hostel in Cheboksary in 5, Kombinatskaya Street in August, 2013.

We, the company founders, had already lived in St. Petersburg hostels in May, three months earlier. We arrived home in Cheboksary and assessed our native city on the basis of our fresh experiences.

We realized that there were no hostels of that kind in our city at all. We took a deep breath and opened our own company, fingers crossed and holding our hands together.

In Cheboksary our first hostel was a three-bedroom apartment of 100 squares in a block of flats. It had bunk beds, a shared kitchen and a common bathing area. Everything was organized at the highest level.

In Kazan, the movement began exactly six months later. Inspired by the success of our hostel, Anton Martyanov, our ex-colleague and friend, a hard worker and a reliable man, opened the Wings Hostel branch in the non-residential premises in the city center, 500 meters away from the Kazan Kremlin. A really cozy, warm and comfortable hostel was created by his tireless hands and with his sincere desire.

A year later, in Cheboksary, we began to acquire apartments in the neighbouring houses which we turned into comfortable hostel rooms. We were inspired to do it after our guests expressed their wish to live in their own rooms with a bathroom, a kitchen and toilet.

At present we can accommodate up to 70 guests in Cheboksary in our 3 three-bedroom apartments; 3 two-bedroom apartments and 7 one-bedroom apartments.

We have 13 apartments which we offer to our guests as “Wings” Hostel rooms.

All the apartments are situated in one area within the radius of 200 meters, with eight apartments in the same house.

Our apartments and are for rent by tourists, families, sportsmen and business travelers only.

No guest is allowed to celebrate any special occasion even if it is someone’s birthday, or any important holiday like February, 23, March, 8 or New Year.

Local citizens can stay at our hostel by no means: not at any price and under any circumstances.

That is why our apartments are always clean, comfortable, quiet and odor-free.

Our small network of two branches is more than 3 years old.

We have taken more than 6,000 guests in.

We work legally, pay taxes and give employment to our staff.

We believe that we have the right to earn only in case every guest is happy and satisfied with our service.

It is very important for us that you like our place. For the sake of it we work, try hard and are constantly developing.

our contacts

428008, Russia, 4 Kombinatskaya Street, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic